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Hassle free Ayurvedic recipe box

(Apologies, this service is temporarily

not available)

Everything you need to make fresh, healthy and traditional Ayurvedic meals delivered straight to your door in a weekly food box, from less than

£4 per meal 

1. You Choose your box

Choose from a 3, 5 or 7 day food box which includes fresh Ayurvedic health food, veg & herbs. Each meal comes along with ingredients & recipes (3 meals a day).

2. We Deliver to Your Door
Young Father Cooking

No need for supermarket shopping or insulated boxes - we prepare your detox box in the morning and hand deliver it to your door.

3. Feel the Power of Ayurveda
herbs and spices on white wood table.jpg

Cook healthy, medicinal & traditional meals from the finest fresh ingredients with the shopping & measurements for each meal already done for you by our experts.


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