Your new Ayurvedic lifestyle: Everything you need to know

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Medicine Kitchen's cleansing detox meal plan will enable your body's capacity to begin detoxing itself in just 3/5/7 days

There are a lot of different cleansing techniques out there, and finding the one that’s right for you can sometimes feel overwhelming. If you really just want to give your body a break, hit the reset button on your digestive system, and do a short detox without a lot of fuss, this is the cleanse for you. The process is simple, straightforward, easy to follow, and it’s only seven days long—making it a very manageable undertaking for most people. If this will be your first experience with cleansing, you’ve chosen a perfect place to start.

This cleanse can be undertaken at any time of year, but it will be especially beneficial at the junctions between seasons—when our bodies are ripe with a sense of transition already. However, even a very simple cleanse like this one is not appropriate during menstruation, for pregnant or breastfeeding women, or for anyone who is extremely weak or debilitated at the moment.

Our Ayurvedic cleansing detox plan will help you to:

Improve digestion and metabolic function.
Promote regular and balanced elimination.
Support the maintenance of a healthy body weight.
Nurture an improved sense of energy, vitality, and enthusiasm for life.
Foster clarity and groundedness in the mental, spiritual, and emotional spheres.
Encourage a balanced sleep cycle.
Promote improved overall health.

This particular cleanse is based on eating a monodiet of whole grains and kitchari, drinking plenty of detoxifying fluids, and taking freshly grounded Pippali in the morning and Triphala in the evening to support digestion, elimination, and the body’s natural detoxification processes. This regimen supports the physiology by slowing the flood of harmful inputs and by providing the body with an important opportunity to rest, recuperate, and repair itself.

One of the key principles of Ayurvedic cooking is to eat fresh food. Our traditional detox meals will be freshly cooked every morning and delivered to you daily.

Stale, processed and long preserved foods lack vital energy and are difficult to digest, whereas fresh food rewards the body with the maximum amount of energy. Ayurveda advises against eating leftover and processed food on a daily basis. Impractical as it may seem for busy people to follow this principle, the comparative long term benefit on one’s health could be well worth the extra trouble.

Agni is the gatekeeper of life

The foods ingested during this cleanse are very easy to digest and therefore help to improve the strength of agni (the metabolic fire)—which is essential to optimal health. Agni is the force of intelligence within each cell, each tissue, and every system within the body. Ultimately, it is the discernment of agni that determines which substances enter our cells and tissues, and which substances should be removed as waste.

Ayurveda; the 5000 year old sacred life science

Fresh Ayurvedic meals delivered straight to your door each morning by Medicine Kitchen

Freshness is the key to the Ayurvedic detox

During the 7-day cleanse, you will be eating a simplified Ayurvedic diet of poa, mung dhal soup and kitchari, freshly prepared each morning by our Ayurvedic experts. This diet is substantive enough that you can maintain your essential responsibilities while resetting the digestive system, supporting the elimination of toxins, and balancing your natural and original Dosha (body-type; vata, pitta, and kapha).

Healthy elimination is critical to the detoxification process

A supportive lif