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Fresh Ayurvedic detox meals

Freshly made healthy, vegetarian Ayurvedic medicine food delivered straight to your door daily

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Medicine Kitchen-Traditional Healthy Fre

The complete ayurvedic cleansing program - hassle free

  • Fresh Ayurvedic meals delivered daily: Traditional and expert Ayurvedic cooking principles & practices

  • Authentic: Experience an traditional and therapeutic Ayurvedic experience

  • Non-GMO: Fresh ingredients sourced from organic farmers  

  • Proven by Science: Enabling the body’s capability of extracting the maximum nutrition


Reset and detoxify in just 1 week with the Ayurvedic 3/57-day detox meal plan brought straight to your door by Ayurvedic experts. The practice of cleansing is considered a vital part of an Ayurvedic lifestyle. It provides an important means of clearing accumulated waste and toxicity from the mind and the tissues, encouraging optimal health. These days, a periodic cleansing regimen is more vital to our health than ever before. Our bodies are being asked to process a seemingly endless barrage of harmful inputs such as environmental toxins, processed foods, unresolved emotions, and psychological stress. Over time, these stressors can cause toxicity to build up in the system, deposit in the tissues, damage the immune system and compromise our health. A periodic Ayurvedic cleanse helps to clear these accumulations from the body.

Cleansing detox Meals delivered straight to your door


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